Four Men and Moeisha

Tonight a semi-truck collecting snow nearly tipped onto our parked van, Moeisha, while trying to cut a corner too close….Maybe this is a sign that we should find a permanent home for her. After the driver came a-knockin’ I was forced to drive the van around for a bit, while periodically checking back to see if he had made it out….Just as I suspected – stuck! After about forty-five mintues of this, I finally came to the conclusion that I’d better find ol’ Mo a home for the next couple days, or at least until the truck became unstuck. I decided to take her over to Todd and Devin’s place to bask in the glory of free visitor parking for a couple days. On the drive over I pondered over the predicament I was in…”God” I said “This is so much like Three Men and A Baby”…..We find ourselves constantly trying to find a home for our van and just when it’s settled for a bit, something gets fucked up. How often do we have to keep dumping the van off on each other when something bad happens. I feel so bad for our van…nobody wants her.

Upon the arrival of Moeisha’s new home for the next couple days I couldn’t help but wonder who would be who if the Fight were to take on the roles played in that movie….It takes a lot to be a Tom Selleck but, then again, how can you beat Sam Malone. Steve Guttenberg is a toughy too, however since there is four of us and only three in the movie, Todd and Devin would have to combine….therefore meaning they have to equal Tom Selleck (the only man with the strength, charm, and facial hair of two). Leaving Bradey and I to fight over Danson and Guttenberg…..You decide.


Saturday 10 October 2015
Edmonton, AB at CKUA
UP+DT Festival
w/ Duotang, White Lightning
8pm / 18+

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