We were grandpas getting passed on the highway by semi-trucks, happily behind the wheel one of the slowest vehicles on the number 2 highway this past Saturday morning. Devin, Erik, and I were on our way from Edmonton to Calgary to finish vocals for the record. Todd couldn’t make it because he had tickets to Freezing Man but he was with us in spirit, no doubt about that. Though the road conditions weren’t ideal, we made it in one piece and headed straight to our man Robbie’s place.

There was quite a bit of work to be done as we still had twelve songs to do vocals for. We moved at a quick pace knocking out three or four songs in the first few hours before getting some dinner. For dinner we went to a burger joint called Boogie’s, definitely recommend it if you’re in Calgary. Fantastic burgers. After our break we did another three songs before packing it in for the night. The first day went well, we managed to get through seven of the twelve. We headed to my brothers place to rest up for the night, Erik and I stayed up (or made our best attempt to stay up) to watch the Feist documentary we purchased On Demand. I left $4 on the table. It was pretty good. Time for bed. The blanket I slept with was far too small for my body, so every time I moved I’d wake up and have to readjust the blanket to cover me. Through all my tossing and turning, soon enough it was morning.

We bummed around my brothers place for a few hours, grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to finish up vocals around noon. I practiced a new one called “Houses” on the drive. It was nice to have made it through the majority of the material the day prior. With five tracks remaining, we took our time and took breaks to play with cats. Things went really smooth and we finished up tracking before 3pm. Robbie made us a copy of some rough mixes and we were on our way back to Edmonton shortly after.

There’s a few odds and ends left to get tracked, but it feels really good to be done our part. We’ll have mixes by the end of February. We’re working hard in the mean time, paying bills and paying rent.


Saturday 10 October 2015
Edmonton, AB at CKUA
UP+DT Festival
w/ Duotang, White Lightning
8pm / 18+

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