Red Deer or Bust

For any of you who do not follow our facebook page, this news will be new to you. This past week we were Calgary bound, and very much excited to play our second of two shows with Vancouver’s Rococode when we found ourselves down on our luck. A few kilometers passed Leduc, Bradey and Todd, who were riding up front, began to smell an unfamiliar smell. It wasn’t long before Devin and I began smelling it in the back as well. It was an odd sulfury smell that seemed to drift in and out of the van. We thought perhaps Bradey had stepped in something earlier, but when the smell got weirder we decided stop. We came upon Gasoline Alley soon enough and pulled into a service station to check it out. As soon as the van was stopped smoke began to billow out from the hood. Of course we all jumped out to see what it was and, low and behold, it was our battery. The sound of sputtering acid could be heard, and the realization that we had all been breathing in toxic fumes for the last hour and a half sunk in. Because we had left Edmonton after our work/school days were over, this put us at about 7:45 and, now, stuck in Red Deer. Bradey mentions to us that the battery was only a week old and that perhaps we’d been sold a lemon. I was on the phone with a cab company as soon as I was able to and after a twenty-or-so minute wait, our cab arrived and carried Devin and Bradey off to the nearest Part Source. Within forty minutes or so, the two were back with a new battery and we got right to installing it. We decided, after Devin’s suggestion, that it would be safe to do a few loops around Gasoline Alley just to make sure the battery wasn’t over-charging – as this was our diagnosis of the initial problem. Sure enough the problem continued and we found ourselves at another service station within fifteen minutes. It was then that we decided that we wouldn’t make it to Calgary without risking an explosion under the hood. Todd got on the phone with the venue and let them know of our situation. The promoter gave his regards and sent us his best in return for our sincere apologies. After a few minutes of silence and muttered cusses toward our van, we looked over yonder to our home for the night. We settled into room 222 at the Western Budget Inn, watched a couple Rosanne reruns, ordered some pizza, and hit the hey. The next morning we met with a mechanic who was able to diagnose the problem. As it turned out there was a wire connected to the alternator that was seriously frayed and was shorting out – an easy fix nonetheless. Once finished we shipped out, grabbed a bite and headed home. Our $300+ mid-week trip to Red Deer was over. If we’re playing “High/Low”, one high might be that we nearly filled a McDonald’s Monopoly game board in one day.

That’s it that’s all.

Oh also, during the first hour of being in the hotel room, Bradey tied the toes of my socks together…it must have been in a fit of desperation due to the many unfortunate events that had ensued.


Saturday 10 October 2015
Edmonton, AB at CKUA
UP+DT Festival
w/ Duotang, White Lightning
8pm / 18+

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