Weekend Warriors

A few weekends ago we played two shows with Regina’s Library Voices. The first night in Calgary and the second in Edmonton.


We left Edmonton for Calgary at around 2pm. Devin drove the whole way. I road shotgun. Todd and I are the same height but somehow I get shotgun if Devin is driving and Devin gets shotgun if I’m driving. I guess Erik swoops in the front if Todd drives. Anyways, irrelevant bullshit. We got to SAIT and after about ten minutes found the venue. Library Voices was sound-checking and sounding great. The good folks at The Gateway fed us which is always nice. The opening band had a song that sounded like The Rocky Fortune, we bonded a little. Not much of the rest of their set had the same feel but they were real energetic up there. We played second. There was a few guys rocking out pretty hard at the front. I love those guys, they’re usually really entertaining to watch. Sold a few records, sold a few shirts. Drank some beers. Samantha Savage Smith was swell. Library Voices burnt the house down, they’re so magnetic. I’m glad they’re finally getting the attention they deserve. Devin started yelling a lot. Loaded out and took off for my brother’s condo. Liquor store stop. Steamwhistle! Ordered some pizza on the way. Made it to my brothers place before my brother. Locked out. Pizza man comes. Beer and pizza in the entrance of a condo building. Good times. Brother gets home. Sleep.

Library Voices on Fire


After going to bed at 4:30AM it’s great to wake up bright and early at 7:30AM. Playing in a band and being an early riser has it’s downsides. Three hours sleep is a downside but not a huge one. I shower and bum around a few hours before waking the rest of the guys up around 10:00AM. We tidy up and venture out for breakfast. We decide to go to Delux Diner. One of the better breakfast places around. We end up waiting 45 minutes for a table but it’s totally worth it. I highly recommend their Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. Hit the highway. Boring drive back to Edmonton. We talk about playing the lottery as a band. Todd and Devin think it’s a waste of money. Erik and I are going to win someday. The trick is to play the same numbers every week for your lifetime. Eventually they have to hit. Soundcheck at Pawn Shop. Jason, the house tech there, always does a great job of mixing us. We’re opening. Early show. 7pm start. Lucky for us people actually decided to make it out early. We played one of our better sets. Doug Hoyer played. I wasn’t sure what to expect with him but him and his band were definitely pulling it off. Library Voices were very punny. Energetic as ever. Drank some with Carl and Sarah at the Black Dog afterwards for a bit. Forgot to say bye and disappeared into the night. Sorry pals!


Saturday 10 October 2015
Edmonton, AB at CKUA
UP+DT Festival
w/ Duotang, White Lightning
8pm / 18+

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