This is long overdue, so we’ll roll from February through to present day as quickly as we can without leaving out too many details…

The February dates we did across Western Canada with Lou Wreath were a blast. Thanks again to Steve Malonik for filling in on drums for the tour. It was fun to roll across the prairies in the middle of winter. Wunderbar as always was fun. Hinton knows how to party. My mom makes good pulled pork and let’s us crash on our way to Winnipeg. Steve backed into a rock in the rental van, his reaction was pretty funny. No damage. The road from Regina to Winnipeg is possibly the straightest stretch of highway in the world. So many Skittles on the drive. Winnipeg is windy. Breakfast is a 5 out of 10 there. O’Hanlons in Regina is a blast. We stay with my pal Henry and wild times ensue. We were fed BBQ in Saskatoon which was delicious. Devin and I took a $5 cab around the block in Saskatoon after Todd and Steve left us on Broadway. They came back. We went to a weird party. Slept. Drove Home.

Halfway to Winnipeg

Lou at Lo Pub

Winter Wasteland

 Coffee Break in Saskatoon

We took it fairly easy in March, let ourselves thaw out from the winter freeze. Actually, we had a relatively mild winter. I guess, we just spent most of March jamming and working on new songs. Being productive. I’m really happy with the new material we’re writing thus far. We can’t wait to start sharing it with the people. We want to have a new full length record out by next fall.

April was a different story. We played a couple hometown shows and and couple out of town shows. Calgary was the first show we did of the month. We were a little rusty. What’s Wrong Tohei? rocked out pretty hard that night. They’re always great. We played two sets the next night in Olds. It was an interesting night. They put us up in a Motel for the night which was nice. Erik, his girlfriend and I had stayed in the exact same room two years prior for The Rocky Fortune’s reunion show we went to. Bizarre. Wunderbar with Stepmother and Blair Drover was a good time. Then we got asked to play with The Dudes at Starlite, so we did that too. That was a killer show. The Dudes are super rad dudes and a great band to boot. It was cool to play with them and I hope we cross paths with them often. All in all a pretty good month.

Erik has to pee in Calgary

We kept to ourselves again for most of May, working hard in the basement til late in the night. However, we did make our way to Saskatoon for an afternoon cafe set as well as a show at Amigo’s with Royal Canoe. The cafe set went over really well, especially since we’ve only performed acoustic a couple of times. We got BBQ again, Krysta is the best promoter ever. We played to a great crowd at Amigo’s. We each had to draw a dick on our record jacket for some guy, that was kind of weird. Old guy danced his ass off during our set. Vehicles troubles. Split up for the drive home. Good times though. Devin and I had a good cruise home in a rental car too. Oh, and we got new merch!

New Merch

Us With Our New Nephew

In the month of June we played Elevation Room with Scenic Route To Alaska and Long Sharp Teeth. It was the first time we’ve played all ages in a long long time. We have to do it more. It was such a good time. Joe Gurba is doing a good thing down in that room, so if you’re from Edmonton make sure you make it down and show your support.

Now for lately. Lately, we just finished playing The Works Festival a few weeks ago and we’re getting ready to play with Snoqualmie & Woolworm at the Wunderbar on Saturday, July 28th. We’d love to see you out. We’ve also started recording some tracks that we hope to release on a 7″ in the next few months. We’re talking about doing a series of 7″ releases over the next year or two, so stay tuned. We recently had the mailman deliver our stickers to us as well. So we’ll hook you up with some of those next time we see you. Oh, Erik and Todd are also playing as Lou Wreath’s band on July 27th in Edmonton, I think it’s at Elevation Room. Check them out. Much Love.




Saturday 10 October 2015
Edmonton, AB at CKUA
UP+DT Festival
w/ Duotang, White Lightning
8pm / 18+

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