The Fight on the ferry

Bradey Daeland Feil – Vocals
Todd Andrews – Bass / Drums
Devin Fortier – Guitar / Vocals / Bass
Erik Grice – Drums / Vocals / Guitar / Bass

Born of the dark cold nights, we are The Fight.

I found my brothers at different times.

There’s Paul (Todd Andrews) with always-rosy cheeks, running his fingers up and down the bass. Like a heartbeat skipping, he lays it down thick and heavy for hips to move to. You can also find him keeping the beat on occasion. With golden locks we have Devin Fortier picking away, sure and steady. He lends his voice and it’s a pleasant one to hear. He’s a workhorse on the guitar, an idea man. Every now and then he moves to the bass. Erik Grice hits the skins and sings backups. He’s our funny guy, sometimes wears a moustache. He keeps the beat that we all follow, like the chief of the tribe. He puts down the sticks sometimes and picks up the bass or runs around with the guitar. Me, well I just like putting words together here and there. They can be about the pretty ones, the lost ones, the good times, the bad times, the dust and the dirt, love and hurt.

We’ve been running together since the Spring of 2010. We go down to the basement and get to work. So far the songs just seem to flow. We don’t have anything to prove and we don’t try and be anything we’re not. We wear our influences on our sleeve but they’re broad and varied from the sounds of Motown to punk and rock and roll. We try and stay honest and true to ourselves. In June 2010 we recorded our first cuts at a cabin at a lake in the woods. We laid things down as fast as we could, like bee’s making honey. We didn’t quite finish what we had to finish at the lake so we tracked the rest in the spare room of my house. We released 3 of the demos as a free EP called Birds, and we’d love for you to hear it. You can click to it

New Young Electric is our first long-playing record and was recorded in January 2011 in Calgary, Alberta by the talented Robbie Josh Gwilliam (Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, George Canyon, The Rocky Fortune). The album will be released on 180gram vinyl on our own label Paperbird Music in summer 2011 and features thirteen tracks coming in around thirty-three minutes. We can’t wait to share it with you.

We try and get around, we have an 86′ Dodge named Mo that takes us where we need to go. We’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the ladies and gentlemen in Library Voices, Two Hours Traffic, The Jezebels, and Despistado among others. This summer we’re planning a Cross-Canada tour in support of New Young Electric. We’ll play your bar, we’ll play your basement. We’ll plug in or we’ll play acoustic. Let’s get together.

We want to make you feel electric.

-Bradey Daeland Feil

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